One World mathematical Game Theory Seminar

The One World Mathematical Game Theory Seminar is an international online seminar whose goal is keeping our research community connected, allowing people to regularly meet and exchange ideas.

The seminar takes place biweekly, on Mondays at 15:00  CEST, one hour talk followed by a flexible time for questions and discussion, all using the Zoom platform. 

This seminar is a part of One World Seminars, currently held in probability, PDEsData driven mathsWaves, Mathematical Methods for Arbitrary  Data Source (MADS)IMAGing and INvErse problem (IMAGINE)  and Optimization.

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Please contact one of the organizers if you have an exciting project you would like to share with the community.

The seminar schedule follow, for the abstracts click here.





Video of meeting

April 6 

15:00  CEST

John Levy, University of Glasgow

Uniformly Supported Approximate Equilibria in Families of Games



April 20 

15:00  CEST

Bernhard von Stengel, LSE

Algorithms for Rank-1 Bimatrix Games

slides (updated)


May 4

15:00  CEST

Jörgen Weibull, Stockholm School of Economics

 Does Moral Play Equilibrate? slides video

May 18

15:00  CEST

Ehud Kalai, Northwestern University

Viable Nash Equilibria: Formation and Defection slides  video 

June 1

15:00  CEST

Dov Samet, Tel-Aviv University 

Monologues, Dialogues and Common Priors

June 15

15:00  CEST

Yannai Gonczarowski. Microsoft Research 


June 29

15:00  CEST

Jérôme Renault, Toulouse School of Economics


The organizers:

Xavier Venel, Ziv Hellman, Eilon Solan, János Flesch, Miklos Pinter, Galit Ashkenazi-Golan