Virtual MOBILITY Grants


The key objective of GAMENET is to facilitate interactions and collaborations among different groups of game theorists, to provide game theoretic expertise to industrial partners, and to establish a large and vibrant interconnected community of excellent scientists in these different fields. The COVID pandemic significantly limited and changed the ability to interact and collaborate by visits and face-to-face meetings. Naturally, online activities became the main interaction tools. While Europe is slowly going back to enabling frontal teaching and face-to-face meetings, it is clear that some online activities will keep playing an important role in research collaboration. In order to support virtual networking activities, GAMENET is awarding up to 6 virtual mobility grants (VM) to members of the Action (see A VM can be understood as a virtual STSM. The MC is cordially inviting all members of the Action to submit an application. The criteria for evaluating the application are the following:

Criterion 1: All criteria for a regular STSM apply (see the Action website for the list of criteria,

Criterion 2: Virtual Mobility grant applications must give a convincing description how they address at least one of the following long-term planning goals:

a) Help in establishing industrial relationships between Action members and stakeholders.

b) Help in preparing the action for future grant applications (i.e., COST innovator grants, Marie Curie ITN,…)

c) Concreteness of the product associated with the mobility grant.

d) Help in producing Action dissemination material.