Game Solving: Theory and Practice

Game Solving: Theory and Practice

July 9, 2018

Location: Prague

Action Meetings

  • a satellite event of ICALP 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic, July 9, 2018

The aim of the workshop is to discuss connections between (algorithmic) game theory and computational aspects of game solving. Several decades of mostly theoretical research produced a multitude of algorithms for solving various types of games. However, most of these algorithms are only theoretical constructs that either have never been implemented, or have been executed only on toy problems. On the other hand, there are many concrete problems that can be expressed in the language of game theory. Apart from traditional models of economic behaviour, there is a large field of board and computer games, security games, games in verification of systems, etc. The workshop provides ground for a meeting of researchers developing theoretical solutions of abstract games with researchers modelling and solving real-world problems using games.

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