Cyprus Meeting on Behaviors and Algorithms (CYMBA)

Cyprus Meeting on Behaviors and Algorithms (CYMBA)

May 10, 2019 - May 11, 2019

Action Meetings

The Cyprus Meeting on Behaviors and Algorithms (CYMBA) will be the first ever event to be organized in Cyprus that will be purely focused on game theory and its applications. It aims to bring together scholars that put game- theory to good use in a variety of different contexts including behavioral economics, rational choice theory and algorithmic approaches. It will take place for two days and will be hosted in the premises of the University of Cyprus. There will be about twelve talks/discussions of new research papers overall during the meeting, and they will be organized in sessions based on topic affinity. The sessions will be organized in a way that there is a smooth transition from purely theoretical questions to issues of empirical relevance and there will be an attempt that all presentations share a common general theme to ensure consistency and continuity.

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