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GAMENET Training school on Borel Games

August 2, 2021 - August 4, 2021
Location: ZOOM
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In even stages 0,2,4,… Player 1 selects a bit (0 or 1), and in odd stages 1,3,5,… Player 2 selects a bit (0 or 1). This way the two players select (the binary representation of) a number in the unit interval x. Player 1 wins if x is in some given target set A, and Player 2 wins otherwise. Does necessarily one of the players have a winning strategy, namely, a strategy that guarantees that that player wins, regardless of the choices of the other players? The game we just described is an infinite-horizon extensive-form game. The determinacy of this game, namely, the existence of a winning strategy to one of the players, is an extension of the famous Zermelo’s Theorem to this setup, and was fully answered in 1975 by Donald Martin.

Borel games are two-player alternating-move games where the action sets of each player after each history may be an arbitrary set, and the winning set is a Borel set of plays. The determinacy of Borel games is a momentous result. It has numerous applications in set theory, topology, logic, computer science, and, of course, in game theory. In 1998 Martin extended his determinacy result to two-player zero-sum simultaneous-move games with both players have finite action sets. The two results were then unified and extended by Eran Shmaya in 2011, who studied alternating-move games with eventual perfect monitoring.

In this workshop we intend to go over some of the determinacy results and their applications. Our approach is didactic, and our ambition is to guide the participants through the details of the results and the proofs. We also present very recent papers with applications of Borel games to game theory and analysis.

Learning Theory in Algorithmic Economics

September 30, 2019
Location: Athens
Action Meetings | Action training schools

The event on learning theory in algorithmic economics will focus on the interactions between learning theory and algorithmic game theory. These interactions have grown considerably in the recent years, and the goal is to present recent breakthroughs and current challenges within this active field. It…

GAMENET Training School

September 17, 2018 - September 18, 2018
Location: Cracow University of Economics
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One of the main objectives of GAMENET is to initiate novel transdisciplinary research links with academia and industrial stakeholders and to prepare competitive EU researchers for a fruitful career in an international environment through intensive use of Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM), and joint educational…