Objectives and Content

Research Coordination Objectives

  • To initiate novel transdisciplinary research links with academia and industrial stakeholder.
  • To develop novel theory and methodology in important fields of game theory and its applications.
  • To seed future research projects, to channel efforts and maximize efficiency.
  • To identify pressing research needs in game theory, modeling and algorithmic analysis.
  • Develop practical and efficient algorithms for resource allocation problems in 5G wireless networks.
  • Provide a software library for effective congestion control for traffic planners.
  • Develop an algorithmic framework for evolutionary games on graphs.
  • Provide polynomial-time algorithms for graph games with stochastic transitions.
  • Develop a computational environment for continuous time games.

Capacity Building Objectives

  • Create an excellent network of researchers in Europe with lasting collaboration beyond the lifetime of the Action.
  • Transfer knowledge in terms of expertise, scientific tools and human resources across the disciplines and between academia and industry.
  • Establish an inclusive research community for game theoretic research to promote Early Career Investigators (ECIs) and increase their visibility.
  • To achieve geographic and demographic diversity with special attention to gender balance and COST Inclusiveness Target countries throughout the Action
  • Prepare competitive EU researchers for a fruitful career in an international environment through intensive use of Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM), and joint educational programs with industrial partners.
  • Disseminate the results of the Action activities to the scientific community and to the general public.